"Working on my research when I can helps me forget my disease for a few moments," this scientist writes
After this scientist was turned down from her dream research position, she found an exciting new direction
Virtual outreach helps this researcher stay connected with her home country
This professor, whose father died when she was an undergrad, supports her students as she wishes she had been
Application expenses are a major challenge for students from low-income backgrounds, this researcher writes
“I told myself that people couldn’t relate to my past because it was so different from theirs,” this scientist writes
“The techniques I found useful … resonated with non-ADHD audience members as well,” this postdoc writes
“I will stay in Ukraine. I am needed here,” this scientist writes
“Honest mistakes happen,” this professor writes
“There was so much I didn’t know, and didn’t even realize I was missing,” this student writes
After moving into policy, these authors learned to take a new approach to conferences
Support from those around him has been key, this professor writes
“It felt good to step outside academia and share my expertise,” this professor writes
“Each day is an opportunity to learn a little bit more,” this scientist writes
“I am forever being reminded, in ways big and small, that many think I don’t belong,” this postdoc writes
When this Ph.D. student was diagnosed with colitis, medical leave was her best option
Teaching scientific failure. Writing in English. This year’s most read Working Life essays
For this researcher from Slovenia, family support and open-minded mentors were key
“As my all-consuming grief gradually dulled to a steady hum, my passion for my research returned,” this Ph.D. student writes
“As I learned to savor my limited slivers of writing time, my childhood love for it returned,” this researcher writes
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