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To learn more about the coverage/expertise areas of the News editors and writers below, and for contact information, see our Meet the News team page.

News Editor Tim Appenzeller

Managing Editor John Travis

International Editor David Malakoff

Deputy News Editors Rachel Bernstein, Shraddha Chakradhar, Elizabeth Culotta, David Grimm, Lila Guterman, Eric Hand (Europe)

Associate Editors Jeffrey Brainard

Senior Correspondents Daniel Clery (UK), Jon Cohen, Jeffrey Mervis, Elizabeth Pennisi

News Writers Adrian Cho, Jennifer Couzin-Frankel, Jocelyn Kaiser, Rodrigo Pérez Ortega (Mexico City), Robert F. Service, Erik Stokstad, Paul Voosen, Meredith Wadman

Contributing Correspondents Warren Cornwall, Andrew Curry (Berlin), Ann Gibbons, Sam Kean, Eli Kintisch, Kai Kupferschmidt (Berlin), Andrew Lawler, Mitch Leslie, Eliot Marshall, Virginia Morell, Dennis Normile (Tokyo), Cathleen O'Grady (UK), Elizabeth Pain (Careers), Charles Piller, Michael Price, Gabriel Popkin, Joshua Sokol, Richard Stone, Emily Underwood, Gretchen Vogel (Berlin), Lizzie Wade (Mexico City)

Careers Katie Langin (Associate Editor)

Copy Editors Julia Cole (Senior Copy Editor), Morgan Everett, Cyra Master (Copy Chief)

Administrative Support Meagan Weiland


To learn more about the backgrounds and areas of emphasis of the editors below, and for contact information, see our Meet the Editors page.

Executive Editor Valda Vinson

Editor, Research Jake S. Yeston

Editor, Insights Lisa D. Chong

Managing Editor Lauren Kmec

Deputy Editor, Cambridge Stella M. Hurtley (UK)

Deputy Editor, Insights Gemma Alderton (UK)

Deputy Editors, Research Phillip D. Szuromi, Sacha Vignieri

Senior Editors Caroline Ash (UK), Michael A. Funk, Brent Grocholski, Di Jiang, Priscilla N. Kelly, Marc S. Lavine (Canada), Mattia Maroso, Yevgeniya Nusinovich, Ian S. Osborne (UK), L. Bryan Ray, Seth Thomas Scanlon (UK), H. Jesse Smith, Keith T. Smith (UK), Jelena Stajic, Peter Stern (UK), Valerie B. Thompson, Brad Wible

Associate Editors Bianca Lopez, Madeleine Seale (UK), Corinne Simonti, Yury V. Suleymanov, Ekeoma Uzogara

Letters Editor Jennifer Sills

Lead Content Production Editors Chris Filiatreau, Harry Jach

Senior Content Production Editor Amelia Beyna

Content Production Editors Robert French, Julia Haber-Katris, Nida Masiulis, Abigail Shashikanth, Suzanne M. White

Senior Editorial Managers Carolyn Kyle, Beverly Shields

Senior Program Associate Maryrose Madrid

Editorial Associate Joi S. Granger

Senior Editorial Coordinators Aneera Dobbins, Jeffrey Hearn, Lisa Johnson, Jerry Richardson, Alice Whaley (UK), Anita Wynn

Editorial Coordinators Maura Byrne, Clair Goodhead (UK), Alexander Kief, Ronmel Navas, Isabel Schnaidt, Qiyam Stewart, Brian White

Research and Data Analyst Jessica L. Slater

Administrative Coordinator Karalee P. Rogers

ASI Director, Operations Janet Clements (UK)

ASI Senior Office Administrator Jessica Waldock (UK)

Science Advances

Science Immunology

Science Robotics

Science Signaling

Science Translational Medicine

Science Visuals

Creative Director Beth Rakouskas

Design Managing Editors Marcy Atarod, Chrystal Smith

Graphics Managing Editor Chris Bickel

Photography Managing Editor Emily Petersen

Web Content Strategy Manager Kara Estelle-Powers

Multimedia Managing Producer Kevin McLean

Designer Christina Aycock

Interactive Graphics Editor Kelly Franklin

Senior Scientific Illustrator Valerie Altounian

Scientific Illustrators Austin Fisher, Kellie Holoski, Ashley Mastin

Senior Graphics Specialists Holly Bishop, Nathalie Cary

Photo Editors Charles Borst, Kaitlyn Dolan

Web Designer Jennie Pajerowski

Social Media Strategist Jessica Hubbard

Social Media Producer Sabrina Jenkins

Video Producer Meagan Cantwell

Senior Podcast Producer Sarah Crespi

Office of Publishing

Publisher, Science Family of Journals Bill Moran

Director, Product & Publishing Development Chris Reid

Director, Business Strategy Operations and Portfolio Management Sarah Whalen

Director, Product Management Kristopher Bishop

Product Development Manager Scott Chernoff

Senior Product Associate Robert Koepke

Product Associates Caroline Breul, Anne Mason

Business Systems and Financial Analysis Director Randy Yi

Director, Business Operations and Analysis Eric Knott

Manager, Business Operations Jessica Tierney

Manager, Business Analysis Cory Lipman

Business Analysts Maggie Clarke, Kurt Ennis 

Financial Analyst Isacco Fusi

Business Operations Administrator Taylor Fisher

Director, Copyright, Licensing, Special Projects Emilie David

Rights and Permissions Associate Elizabeth Sandler

Licensing Associate Virginia Warren

Rights and Licensing Coordinator Dana James

Contract Support Specialist Michael Wheeler


Digital/Print Strategy Manager Jason Hillman

Senior Manager, Publishing and Content Systems Marcus Spiegler

Assistant Production Manager Rebecca Doshi

Senior Publishing and Content Systems Specialist Jacob Hedrick

Senior Production Specialist Kristin Wowk

Production Specialists Kelsey Cartelli, Audrey Diggs

Advertising, Custom Publications, and Global Collaborations

General Advertising Contact Information

Science Advertising 1200 New York Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20005

Product Advertising: [email protected]

Classified Advertising/Submit a Classified Ad: [email protected]

Also, see our Online Advertiser Portal for complete information on advertising in Science print and online publications.

Associate Sales Director Stephanie O'Connor: [email protected] 

Director and Senior Editor, Custom Publishing Erika Gebel Berg: [email protected] 

Custom Publishing Assistant Editor Jackie Oberst: 202-326-6463, [email protected]

Project Manager Melissa Collins

Senior Traffic Associate Christine Hall

Associate Director, Business Development Justin Sawyers: 202-326-7061 [email protected]

Global Marketing Manager Allison Pritchard

Digital Marketing Manager Aimee Aponte

Marketing Manager Shawana Arnold

Marketing Associates Lorena Chirinos Rodriguez, Aaron Helmbrecht, Ashley Hylton, Mike Romano, Jenna Voris

Advertising Production Operations Manager Deborah Tompkins

Director, Business Development and Academic Publishing Relations, Asia, Xiaoying Chu: +86-131 6136 3212, [email protected]

Greater China/South Korea/Singapore/Thailand

Director, Global Collaboration and Academic Publishing Relations, Asia Xiaoying Chu +86-131 6136 3212, [email protected]

Associate Director, International Collaboration Grace Yao: +86-186 0082 9345, [email protected]

Sales Manager Danny Zhao: +86-131 4114 0012, [email protected]

Project Manager Kilo Lan: +86-131 4644 0678, [email protected]

The Americas

West Coast Lynne Stickrod: 415-931-9782, FAX 415-520-6940

East Coast & Midwest Stephanie O’Connor 202-336-9603 [email protected]

Midwest, Mid-Atlantic & Southeast Chris Hoag 202-590-8176 [email protected]

UK Europe/Asia Roger Goncalves: TEL/FAX +41 43 243 1358

Japan Yoshimi Toda: +81 3-6459-4174, [email protected]; Miyuki Tani: +81 6-6202-6272, [email protected]

Additional credits, sponsorship and marketing contacts, and complete information about job and other advertising opportunities can be found in the About Science Careers section.

Classified [email protected]

Europe/ROW Sales Sarah Lelarge

Sales Admin Assistant Victoria Glasbey: +44 (0)1223 326528

Japan Yoshimi Toda: +81 3-6459-4174, [email protected]; Miyuki Tani: +81 6-6202-6272, [email protected]

Institutional Licensing

General Institutional Licensing Contact Information

Science Institutional Licensing 1200 New York Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20005

[email protected]; (202) 326-6730

Marketing Manager Kess Knight

Business Development Manager Rasmus Andersen

Associate Director, Institutional Licensing Sales Ryan Rexroth

Senior Institutional Licensing Manager Marco Castellan, 

Institutional Licensing Manager Claudia Paulsen-Young

Senior Manager, Institutional Licensing Operations Judy Lillibridge

Senior Operations Analyst Lana Guz

Systems & Operations Analyst Ben Teincuff

Fulfillment Analyst Aminta Reyes