Integrative, multimodal, and scalable analysis with Seurat v5: Demystifying single-cell and spatial sequencing datasets

Science Webinar 29 March 2023 sponsored by 10x Genomics, image of a bright sphere in center with concentric circles surrounding in blue
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Rahul Satija, Ph.D.Speaker
Jackie Oberst, Ph.D.Moderator
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From single-cell RNA sequencing to spatial transcriptomics, single-cell genomics has not only transformed cell type and state discovery, but also enabled researchers to measure alternative modalities that span the central dogma, obtain spatial information at single-molecule resolution, and scale to profile millions of cells. The latest single-cell technologies help shorten the path to discovery in areas including drug and diagnostic development, immunology, and neuroscience, but data analysis is sometimes challenging. With the latest version of the widely used, free, open-source single-cell and spatial analysis software Seurat, you can simplify data analysis and uncover new biological insights from your datasets. Discover how you can take advantage of cutting-edge single-cell and spatial approaches with Seurat’s developer Dr. Rahul Satija of the New York Genome Center as he introduces Seurat v5.

During the webinar, viewers will:

  • Learn about the flexible and scalable infrastructure that enables the routine analysis of millions of cells on a laptop computer
  • Hear about the latest Seurat v5 software, which can be used for the analysis, exploration, and integration of single-cell, spatial, and in situ datasets
  • Explore the statistical methods for integrative analysis of gene expression alongside additional modalities, including protein, ATAC, and CUT&Tag datasets
  • Be able to submit their questions to the experts during the live broadcast.

This webinar will last for approximately 60 minutes.

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10x Genomics